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Non-Degree Seeking or Special Status Graduate Students

This information is for students who would like to take classes before official admission into a graduate program.

If you missed an application deadline, want to explore a graduate program before you apply, need a class for a graduate program at another school or are just interested in taking a course without seeking a degree, you may be able to seek special student admission status. As a non-degree seeking graduate student, you may be able to complete up to nine credit hours toward a degree (MBA program allows up to three). Check with your graduate coordinator to see if this is an option for you.

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Please note that as a non-degree seeking graduate student, you are not eligible for federal financial aid until you are fully admitted into your degree program.

To apply, visit the OSU Graduate College online application and check the Non-Degree Seeking Student option within the application. The application fee is $25 for domestic students or U.S. Permanent Resident card holders, or $75 for persons holding a visa. The fee can be paid online with a credit card at the end of the application. Visa holders should check with the International Student Services office (918-594-8521) to determine eligibility for non-degree seeking status.

You must upload transcript(s) within the online application showing Bachelor's degree conferred along with any transcript(s) showing post-baccalaureate course work.