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Message From The Chief Of Police

Melvin Murdock, Chief of Police

On the OSU-Tulsa Police Department web pages, you will find information that is intended to help you become knowledgeable of our Police, as well as increase awareness of safety programs, safety information, parking rules and regulations, crime reporting procedures and disaster management activities and mitigation efforts.

Our police officers are certified by the State of Oklahoma as Peace Officers. They have received training at the police academy along with police recruits from other law enforcement agencies.

You will find the entire staff committed to the guiding principles of a community-oriented policing paradigm. As Patrick V. Murphy (Law Enforcement News, January 15, 1995) writes: “Community Policing—the only proper method in a free society—is based on the reality that the police depend upon the eyes, ears, information and influence of the public to exert social control. Any departure from it leads us in the direction of a police state.”

We understand that a successful law enforcement and crime prevention program is one that works in collaboration with the community—our “report card” for success. Our priorities are those that enhance the safety of the campus community. These priorities are usually accomplished by keeping the community informed, working in concert with campus departments and local agencies, and mitigating anticipated crime trends. We encourage our clients—students, faculty, staff and visitors—to report crimes or suspicious activities, to offer suggestions that might improve operations and to be an advocate for us by participating in safety-related programs.

On behalf of the entire Police Department team, we thank you for visiting this site and we wish you a safe learning experience at Oklahoma State University-Tulsa.


Melvin Murdock
Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety