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Diploma Application Information


Visit the OSU-Tulsa Advisement Services Steps to Graduation page for directions regarding submitting your diploma application.


Submit a Graduation Clearance Form to the Graduate College first. Once your Graduation Clearance Form has been accepted, you must then submit a Diploma Application online via SIS before April 1 (for Spring and Summer graduates) or November 1 (for Fall graduates). Contact the Graduate College (Stillwater) or the Graduate Student Services Center (Tulsa) if you are unable to submit your diploma application.

Contact the OSU-Tulsa Graduate Student Services Center for assistance or more information.


  1. Go to the OSU Bursar page login.
  2. Enter your O-Key login
  3. Click "Bursar Guest Login"
  4. Create a guest login and password to provide to your guest.
  5. Select the access you want for your guest by clicking "Manage Guest Login."