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OSU-Tulsa: We're built on transfer student success


The week of Oct. 19-23, 2020 is national #TransferStudentWeek.

When people think about transfer students, they may have a particular kind of transfer student in mind.

They may picture the freshman who gets homesick after the first semester away at college. They may imagine the junior who wants to change to a major their university doesn’t offer or the adult student returning to school after a hiatus.

At Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, most of our students are transfer students.

Any student in a bachelor’s program at OSU-Tulsa with college credits from a university other than OSU-Tulsa, is a transfer student.

There’s a dozen reasons to transfer. For a lot of Tulsans, transferring from Tulsa Community College to OSU-Tulsa is the plan from the start. For others, transfer is the path to an institution that best suits their needs.

TCC to OSU-Tulsa transfer student Cre Alexander decided to pursue a career in sports management closer to home:

"...I grew up here a few blocks from campus, my family being the main reason why I'm here still. I wanted to continue to get involved with my community and give everything back to Tulsa." - Cre Alexander, transfer student

Across the country, the transfer process can be frustrating and discouraging for a lot of students. That’s why we work to make sure there’s as few bumps in the road as possible, with initiatives like Linked Degree, TCC to OSU-Tulsa transfer maps and a step-by-step transfer guide to help students seamlessly transition into an OSU degree program.

As Health Education & Promotion student Sarah Miller can attest to, OSU-Tulsa advisors can help put prospective students on the right path:

"In my experience, I would encourage perspective students to meet with an OSU-Tulsa acacemic advisor. They were very knowledgeable and very instrumental in helping me pick which degree I needed to get." Sarah Miller, transfer student

Our expert staff and faculty are here to make sure the transition is smooth no matter if you've been out of school for awhile, been studying in another state or are coming from community college. TCC students have access to advising, career counseling and student services from both TCC and OSU-Tulsa from their first day at TCC, to graduation at OSU-Tulsa, thanks to Linked Degree.

We’re here to help you do it all and do it right each step of the way. 

Thank you, transfer students, for choosing OSU-Tulsa as your world-class transfer destination for the more than two decades.

"I fell in love with OSU-Tulsa because I was a nontraditional student also, working for a major airline here in Tulsa. At the end of my career I decided I wanted to get a degree and the aviation program at OSU is second to none." - Harley Thomas, transfer student

Thinking about transferring? Make an appointment with an OSU-Tulsa academic advisor online.