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“I’m not going to walk in graduation” – Wait, what?

You have spent a lot of time in - and out of - the classroom over your college career. Graduating with your classmates is a way to celebrate your academic accomplishment together. Even if you don’t feel an attachment to your school (we’ll cry about this later), here is a list of reasons why walking in the OSU-Tulsa Graduation Ceremony actually IS a big deal and why YOU should care enough to walk:

Do it for the kids.

If you have kids, show them how important earning your degree is by walking in graduation. They’ll never forget seeing their parent walk across that stage. You will also plant a seed that it’s important to set goals and strive to reach them.

Take the chance to be proud. 

You have people who have cheered for you when you got a good grade and those who have helped you study. Be proud of who you have become with those who have seen you grow the most.

Last but not least, it’s a way of saying, “thank you”.

If your parents/spouse/partner helped you financially, emotionally, or otherwise, use graduation as a way of showing them you appreciate the sacrifice they made. It’s also a chance to thank faculty/mentors who have helped shape you along the way.

Graduation is a big deal. Some people only graduate once. And while others go on to pursue their education further, it’s still a chance to celebrate the milestones in your life.

RSVP for the OSU-Tulsa Graduation Ceremony here:

2018 OSU-Tulsa Graduation Ceremony Information

Monday, May 142018
6:30 p.m.

Pavilion at Expo Square, Midtown Tulsa