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Celebrating 918 Day

Celebrating diversity and growth

918 Day is a city-wide celebration of Tulsa.

We love representing okstate in the 918 and couldn't be prouder to call Tulsa home.

This year's theme is "What makes Tulsa, Tulsa?" and we want to you to help us join in the fun!

Our favorite area code

Visit our 918 Day display in North Hall Lobby and post a note with what you think makes Tulsa unique. Plus, you'll help up fill in our favorite area code in our favorite color.

Your note will get you an okstateinthe918 sticker and enter you to win an okstateinthe918 t-shirt.

We'll select winners on 918 Day, Sept. 18.

Being a part of the Tulsa community

OSU-Tulsa Police will be handing out free popsicles on 918 Day and anyone from the community is welcome!

At our Cops + Popsicles event, you'll get the chance to learn about the work OSU-Tulsa police officers do in the campus and the community. 

Stop by on your way home from work or school, or just come over to get an up-close look at our patrol cars and say hello!

We'll be handing out popsicles until 4:30 p.m. or we run out. 

City-wide fun

918 Day Community Events are happening from Sept. 14-18.

Check out the full list of events on City of Tulsa's website.