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Don’t let Oklahoma spring weather take you by surprise

Ah yes, it is spring.

It’s a time when flowers blossom, temperatures warm and the inevitable happens – severe weather.

There’s no playing around with such forces so keep a few things in mind.

1. OSU-Tulsa monitors the weather and sends emergency alerts campus-wide through the Cowboy Alert system. But you do have to opt in to the service through your O-KEY account. Just click on Campus Alerts and Notifications in the left column and add your contact information. Cowboy Alert will notify you via text message when the National Weather Service declares a tornado warning in an area within 10 miles of the OSU-Tulsa campus. Keep in mind that if you travel between multiple OSU campuses that you should check your O-KEY account to see if you are opted in to receive the alerts from each location.

2. If you get such a warning, take shelter immediately. A basement or an interior room like a bathroom or hallway on the lowest floor are best. Crouch low and cover your head with your hands. Avoid large open rooms if you can. If you are on campus, seek shelter in the following places:

Main Hall: 1100 wing, 1300 wing or 1400 wing restrooms (lower level).
North Hall: Conference Center (includes the B.S. Roberts Room and North Hall 153, 155 and 156).
Auditorium: Restrooms in the auditorium lobby or the Conference Center in North Hall.
Administration Hall: First-floor restrooms and other rooms away from windows.
Helmerich Research Center: First-floor interior restrooms adjacent to the atrium.

3.  There won’t be an all-clear signal per se, but try to monitor media online to determine when it’s safe to come out of your hiding place.

So figure out beforehand where you can take cover and keep an eye on weather reports. Like always, be safe. Plan ahead and prepare. Contact the OSU-Tulsa Campus Police if you have any questions at 918-594-8123.