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Listen: Dr. Sarah Johnson of the Al Carlozzi Center for Counseling on the Mental Health Download Podcast

"We're all experiencing something that none of us have ever experienced before. We are not supposed to know how to navigate it by yourself. So this is a wonderful time to take that step. Reach out. We will embrace you and affirm you and work with you through whatever it is you are dealing with right now."
Dr. Sarah Johnson, Director, Al Carlozzi Center for Counseling at OSU-Tulsa

Mental Health Association Oklahoma created The Mental Health Download podcast to share stories each week about mental illness, homelessness, incarceration and suicide, and how each can impact our lives in a profound way.

Each week, guests share how mental illness, suicide, homelessness and incarceration have affected their work or lives.

Listen as host Matt Gleason talks with Dr. Sarah Johnson, director of the Al Carlozzi Center for Counseling at OSU-Tulsa. And his co-host is none other than Dr. Al Carlozzi.

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