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March's Pete’s Pet Posse Pup of the Month

March's Pete's Pet Posse Pup of the Month

You've probably seen the golden retriever Sunny from Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa around campus. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Sunny yet, be sure to keep an eye out for him.

Sunny and his mom Kathy Williams

Sunny's name is very appropriate for all the sunshine he brings on and off campus and because of this, Sunny is Pete’s Pet Posse Tulsa’s March Pup of the Month!

March's Pete's Pet Posse Pup of the Month: Sunny

A Little Bit about Sunny

Sunny and his mom Kathy spend their spare time volunteering in the community and if you've met Sunny, you know how much joy he gets out of being a therapy dog. He even mentions in his Pete’s Pet Posse Tulsa bio that his favorite thing is people!

Sunny spreading pet therapy joy to OSU-Tulsa visitors

New Friends in Familiar Places

On a recent trip to Petco, Sunny and Kathy made some new friends.

They met a young girl named Sara and her mom, Katy. Sara felt quite connected to Sunny because she aspires to be a therapy dog trainer and handler one day!

Her draw to a career in pet therapy is because she suffers from severe anxiety but has always loved dogs. Apparently, meeting Sunny was no exception. Getting to chat with Sunny’s mom Kathy gave her a glimpse into her future. We are so proud of Sunny and Kathy for keeping that dream alive for her.

Sunny and Sara

The Impact of Pet Therapy

It is rare to see Kathy without Sunny by her side and she loved receiving an email from Sara’s mom Katy after meeting. It certainly shows how meeting and interacting with Sunny is such a positive experience and how rewarding it is for Kathy to be a part of the Pete’s Pet Posse team!

You can read the email below and visit the Pete’s Pet Posse Tulsa page to learn more about the pet therapy program and Sunny’s fellow therapy dogs.


It was so great to meet Sunny and Kathy at Petco tonight! Sara was over the moon to get a picture with Sunny - she wants to be a Therapy Dog trainer and handler as her career, so meeting Kathy made a huge impression on her! Why this is so important to me as her mom: Sara suffers from severe anxiety in addition to other disorders, and Petco is one of the few places she feels comfortable and safe in public and meeting Sunny and Kathy gave her an actual experience with what her life could be like. She loves animals and has since birth, most especially dogs. The idea that she could have her picture with Sunny out in the world is giving her tremendous joy, and me by association.

Thank you!

Katy Shaddock

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Faculty and staff can request a visit from Sunny and his Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa friends by filling out this request form