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A New Staff Advisory Council for OSU-Tulsa



There’s a new Staff Advisory Council coming to OSU-Tulsa. 

At the heart of it are two enthusiastic staff members with a combined 31 years of working at OSU-Tulsa—Karen Castle, executive assistant to the president, and Annette Morey, project coordinator for marketing and communication services.

Improved Communication & New Energy

Staff Advisory Council, also known as SAC, is a central council that promotes communication between administration and staff, as well as staff-to-staff communication. 

In addition to closing these communication gaps, Karen and Annette want SAC to be a place where staff can get to know each other better and feel welcome. 

Whether through campus-wide activities or community service projects, Annette is passionate about amplifying that special something that OSU-Tulsa has and making SAC fun for everyone. 

“If you’ve ever sat on a committee where you just grind your teeth, this is not the one,” Annette says. “This one is going to be fun, informative and you can give feedback. It will be a positive thing to do while we get to know each other.” 

Growing up in an Air Force family and moving around a lot instilled a zest for meeting new people. “When I see someone new, it’s just on my heart to go say ‘welcome.’ I think SAC is what this is all about. Even though some people on this campus may have been here 20 or 30 years, they don’t know everyone. I want everyone to at least be able to go across campus and say ‘I know them. They did such and such because we talked about it in SAC.’ I want SAC to be the magnet.”

Dedicated to OSU-Tulsa

After being a part of the previously combined Staff Advisory Council with OSU Center for Health Sciences (OSU-CHS), Karen and Annette are excited about what a dedicated OSU-Tulsa SAC can bring and are confident that it will be especially positive in terms of employee engagement. 

“A smaller group will help us focus on what our needs are here. I’m excited because I love this campus and kind of feel like a matriarch,” Karen says with a smile, “because I get to plan a lot of the campus events. I know how special everybody is. I just think it’s another way to bring us all together. That’s why I want to be involved in it.” 

As part of developing the new group, OSU-Tulsa SAC leadership will continue meeting with OSU-CHS SAC and OSU Stillwater SAC throughout the year to keep a bridge between campuses and even foster new relationships.

Little Time, Big Impact

OSU-Tulsa Staff Advisory Council will comprise staff representatives from each department on the OSU-Tulsa campus. Meetings are open to all staff members, whether they’ve been here for 30 days or 30 years.

With once-a-month lunchtime meetings, SAC won’t require a big commitment for interested staff to get updates from administration and other campus departments. SAC meetings will have a casual, fun atmosphere while providing a space for OSU-Tulsa employees to share feedback. 

Want to be a part of OSU-Tulsa Staff Advisory Council? Email karen.castle@okstate edu or