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OSU-Tulsa provides 'home base' on campus for graduate assistants

Graduate research associate Patrick Grayshaw said OSU-Tulsa’s new workspace for graduate assistants provides a “home base” for him while on campus.

Jens Jespersen, graduate assistant in the Human Development and Family Science program, takes advantage of the new graduate assistant workspace to study.

“I have really enjoyed having the workspace,” he said. “It has been a constant spot that myself and others in my program have been able to use to get work done or even have study meetings before class.”

Main Hall 1109 was renovated to provide graduate assistants a place to relax, study or work on projects while on campus.

Behind a door secured by a keypad, the room contains carousel desks, storage space and a table for group study. Large windows provide an expansive outside view and allow sunlight to filter into the room.

“The space was created to meet the needs of faculty who have graduate assistants working on research projects or assisting them with classes,” said Dr. Susan Johnson, assistant vice president for academic affairs. “When this room in Main Hall opened up, it was a perfect opportunity to create a graduate assistant work area.”

Johnson praised the OSU College of Human Sciences and OSU-Tulsa for funding renovations in the room.

“We are pleased to offer a comfortable environment for graduate assistants,” she said. "And we certainly appreciate the help with funding."

Graduate assistants who would like access to the space should request it through their program’s faculty members, Johnson said.

WATCH: Doctoral student Patrick Grayshaw gives a tour of the new graduate assistant workspace.