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Prepare for Finals Week like a champion marathon runner

Pistol Pete studies for his final in the OSU-Tulsa Library.

Finals can be stressful but preparation is as important for academics as it is for any athletic event, says OSU-Tulsa Wellness Coordinator Jeremiah Watkins.

"Don't let the stress and the hard work you've put into the semester get the best of you," he said.

To ensure you're the "winner" of your Finals Week, Watkins offers some tips for success:

  • Plan - All great athletes have a plan before beginning training. Create a realistic study plan to set aside time needed for each final. Review your performance in each class and allocate more time to classes in which your performance hasn’t been as strong.
  • Practice - All good athletes practice in hope of honing their abilities for optimal performance. Diversify your study by outlining chapters you've read, using flashcards and taking quizzes at the end of each chapter. Connect with fellow classmates so you can train together.
  • Rest - Any level of athletic performance requires rest periods. Taking periodic breaks from study is good for your mind as well as your brain. Combining rest time with small bouts of exercise can lower stress and refresh your brain before hitting the books again.
  • Fuel - Athletes need fuel to endure any sporting event. Anxiety or stress may curb your appetite but try to eat nutrient-rich foods that promote brain function, including avocados, blueberries, broccoli, celery, dark chocolate, egg yolks, salmon and walnuts.
  • Sleep - An athlete can’t have peak performance without adequate sleep. Sleep-deprived students are significantly less likely to outperform their adequately rested classmates. The amount of sleep that is right for you varies but a good number to shoot for is eight hours.

For more information about fitness, visit the Wellness Center website.