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Tackling Your 2019 Wellness Goals

Needing a little boost to meet your 2019 wellness goals?

We've been inspired by the OSU-Tulsa Wellness Center to tackle our wellness goals this year. Keep scrolling for tips and info from the Wellness Center on how you can meet your goals too!

But first, did you know that membership is FREE at the Wellness Center? 

Students, faculty and staff can enroll for membership free of charge!

If free membership isn't enough to convince you to get a membership, check out 7 reasons why you should join the OSU-Tulsa Wellness Center.

Now that you're convinced and ready to hop over to the enrollment form, let's dive into the wellness of it all.

Wellness is...

Wellness can be defined as a state of health, yet it extends beyond physical health, nutrition and the number on the scale. Wellness is a multidimensional state of being.  When all dimensions of wellness are balanced, we are more resilient to life’s stressors and more likely to feel happy and satisfied.

Do you have wellness goals? 

A wellness goal is often short, about two sentences or less, and briefly lays out what you would like to see for yourself relating to your health and fitness. It may incorporate what brings value and meaning to your life. It is something that can be changed and modified any time throughout your wellness journey. 

TIP: Jot down your goals somewhere. Wellness goals cover areas from physical to professional wellness and it's been proven that you're more likely to stick to your goals if you write them down! Keep your written goals where you can see them so you can stay motivated and know what you're working towards.

A few tips...

If you have health and fitness wellness goal, you'll likely be trying to exercise more. It can be easy to get bored in your current routine so why not try something new?

Take a fitness class at the Wellness Center!

In addition to getting access to machines and exercise equipment, the OSU-Tulsa Wellness Center also offers fitness classes during the week.

Classes range from yoga to F.I.T. ABS/Core classes. Check out the Fitness Classes Schedule to see which classes you're going to try out this semester.

-Or- Do a daily cardio workout in celebration of February being Heart Health Month!

During the month of February stop by the Wellness Center for a daily intructor-led cardio workout at 12:15 p.m. or 3:30 p.m.

These workouts are for any level of fitness and the Wellness Center staff will be there to help!


You can drop by the Wellness Center in North Hall or email and call 918-594-8126.