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TulsaKids Coronavirus Q&A


OSU-Tulsa experts teamed up with TulsaKids Magazine to help answer many of the questions Tulsa-area families have surrounding COVID-19 and the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus. This four-part live video series originally aired on OSU-Tulsa's Facebook page via Facebook Live. 

COVID-19's Impact on Mental Health



Dr. Sarah Johnson, Director of the Al Carlozzi Center for Counseling at OSU-Tulsa, sits down with TulsaKids Magazine editor Betty Casey to discuss how to combat the anxiety and stress that stems from the novel coronavirus and related lockdown measures. This conversation originally aired May 19, 2020.

Explaining Coronvirus to Kids



Chantelle Lott and Tia Claybrook from Oklahoma State University Center for Family Resilience are joined by Casey to discuss ways to explain coronavirus to children. Originally aired May 26, 2020.

Body Image in Lockdown



Rebecca Graham, a doctoral student and researcher with OSU BIDE talks with TulsaKids Magazine digital editor Tara Rittler to discuss how lockdown measures can affect body image. This video originally aired June 2, 2020.

Family Economics and COVID-19



OSU-Tulsa economics assistant professor Dr. Michael D.S. Morris joined Casey to discuss the economic impact of the virus and measures to prevent the spread. This interview originally aired June 9, 2020.