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Five no-brainer things to do to get ready for fall classes


The 2018 fall semester is hurtling toward us like a downhill freight train. So get going. Here are five no-brainer tips you need to do right now to be prepared for the first day of class on Aug. 20.

Beat Finals Week: Lower Your Stress with Exercise

For any college student, the end of the semester can mean only one thing: ‘Test Stress.’

Throw your stress to the curb by introducing some physical activity into your life. Here are my top three reasons why students should be physically active - especially during finals.

Don’t let Oklahoma spring weather take you by surprise

Ah yes, it is spring.

It’s a time when flowers blossom, temperatures warm and the inevitable happens – severe weather.

There’s no playing around with such forces so keep a few things in mind.

“I’m not going to walk in graduation” – Wait, what?

You have spent a lot of time in - and out of - the classroom over your college career. Graduating with your classmates is a way to celebrate your academic accomplishment together. Even if you don’t feel an attachment to your school (we’ll cry about this later), here is a list of reasons why walking in the OSU-Tulsa Graduation Ceremony actually IS a big deal and why YOU should care enough to walk:

I just want my degree, so why should I get involved on campus? #SRSLY

You hear it from faculty and staff all the time. “You need to get involved in campus activities.”

You think to yourself, “I don’t have any free time, I’ve got a (insert responsibility here: job, spouse, kids, elderly parents, etc.). I just want to go to class and go home!”

Don’t Waste Time & Money – Use Career Services

It takes time and money to figure out what to do with the rest of your life after college. Given that time and money are limited resources as a student, it can be tempting to push this kind of problem to the back burner.

Library Workshops: Give us 60 minutes, and we can save you hours of research time!

Now that the semester’s underway, you’re working on assignments for research papers and projects. You’re probably spending a lot of time Googling your topic to find useful information or maybe checking out the Library’s databases to find some peer-reviewed articles to back up your thesis statement. 

Pay Attention to Flu Prevention

Flu seasons seems to arrive earlier each year, only to stick around for longer than anticipated. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention1 has reported that Oklahoma is one of two states in which influenza was officially labeled as 'widespread.'

Here are some tips that you can arm yourself with to help with staying healthy and happy during flu seasons.

Say Hello to a New Semester

Now is your chance to start fresh, form new habits and let’s get real – start killin’ it. It’s a new semester! Here’s a list of things that successful students do during their first weeks back to class: