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Activities and Goals

  • Build research infrastructure and programming so that OSU will be known as a center for neuroscience education and research, with a focus on topics relevant to Oklahoma such as adverse childhood experiences, resilience and tribal communities.
  • Create neuroscience undergraduate and graduate programs and research opportunities for students.
  • Foster an environment with opportunities for collaborative grant funding submissions.
  • Build a common language across disciplines.
  • Provide social and learning opportunities for neuroscience education and collaboration (e.g., social events, mini-conferences, three-minute research presentations).
  • Create academic bridges between academic programs: bachelor's to master's/doctoral; bachelor's to medical school.
  • Raise awareness in Oklahoma and beyond on the importance of understanding neural systems to prevent and treat physical and mental health problems.
  • Bring recognition to OSU locally and internationally for neuroscience research and education that has broad scientific impact.