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Imraan A. Faruque, Ph.D.


Biological translation of insect information processing

Degree: Phd, Controls & Aerospace
Broad Expertise/Interests: Biological translation of insect information processing
  • Feedback controller extraction
  • Dynamic modeling & system identification
  • High speed videography and kinematic analysis
  • High speed cameras and insect spatial decisionmaking apparatus
Seeking Collaborators with Skill Sets:
  • Biologists
  • Neuroscientists
Research Interests: To identify the sensing and feedback paths in aerial insects, I have developed dynamic models of flapping wing flight and used multi-input multi-output system identification techniques to extract mathematical formalisms for individual insect controllers from high speed videography. These structures are suitable for engineering applications in computationally-limited autonomy. I am now incorporating study of their attention-dependent learning and adaptation mechanisms as models of flexible information processing.
Funding in the Last Three Years:


Publication Highlights:

Identification of optimal feedback control rules from micro-quadrotor and insect flight trajectories