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Shannon Hillier, D.O., MPH


Military/First responders, Psychopharmacology, Obesity

Degree: D.O., MPH
Broad Expertise/Interests:
  • Psychiatry
  • Military Psychiatry
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Public Health
  • Obesity Medicine

Collaborative Care

  • Psychiatric Assessments
  • Clinical Care
Seeking Collaborators with Skill Sets:
  • DTI
  • MRI
  • DNA labs
Neuroscience Research Interests:

Effects of rTMS on PTSD and cognition

Effects of concussion/ mTBI and best use of psychopharm for treatment options

Interrelatedness of behavioral health disorders, psychopharm treatments, obesity and brain changes

Funding in the Last Three Years:


Publication Highlights: