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Peter R. Hoyt, Ph.D.

Genomics, Bioinformatics, Gene Expression

Degree: Ph.D. Genetics and Cell Biology
Broad Expertise/Interests: Gene expression, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Antibiotic resistance
Equipment/Techniques: Illumina Genome sequencer (120Gbp per run), high-throughput robotic sample prep. Computational Biology (applied). Molecular Biology
Seeking Collaborators with Skill Sets: Data generators, statisticians, coding/scripting skills
Neuroscience Research Interests:  
Funding in the Last Three Years:

OSU VPR Core Facilities Support Program    Purchase Request for Sample Preparaon Robocs, with Thermal Cycler to Support High-Throughput Sequencing (Includes Quality Assessment Equipment) $122,363     1/26/2018 – 1/26/2019. P. Hoyt (PI)

NSF MRI ACI: 1531128, MRI: Acquisition of Shared High Performance Compute Cluster for Multidisciplinary Computational and Data-Intensive Research, $951,570, 10/01/15 – 09/30/2018. D. Brunson: (PI), P.Hoyt (coPI)

NSF MRI DBI: 1626257, MRI Acquisition of a genomic sequencer within a shared resource facility for interdisciplinary sciences and training at Oklahoma State University, $250,000.

Publication Highlights: