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Ramesh Sharda, Ph.D.

Data Science; Analytics; Interruptions

Degree: Ph.D. (Wisconsin)
Broad Expertise/Interests: Analytics/Data Science, information systems
Equipment/Techniques: EEG; data mining 
Seeking Collaborators with Skill Sets: fMRI access
Neuroscience Research Interests: Broadly interested in decision neuroscience, among others. Mainly focused on applications.
Funding in the Last Three Years:

About $35000

Publication Highlights:

Pankush Kalgotra & Ramesh Sharda. (2018). "BIARAM: A Process for Analyzing Correlated Brain Regions Using Association Rule Mining". Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. 162 (2018), 99-108.

Pankush Kalgotra, Ramesh Sharda & Roger McHaney. (2017). "Don’t Disturb Me! Understanding the Impact of Interruptions on Knowledge Work: An Exploratory Neuroimaging Study". Information Systems Frontiers. ­­­­