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Travel Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a check after the travel claim has been sent to University Accounting?

University accounting audits the claim within 24 hours of receipt. If there are no problems, it is generally 3 to 5 working days from the date the claim arrives in University Accounting before a check is received. 

When an employee takes vacation immediately before, during or after his/her trip, how can I calculate what the employee may be reimbursed?

This situation is quite common, but varies considerably with each situation. The most common scenario is that the employee chooses to drive his/her family to the conference site and remain for vacation after the conference is complete. In this situation, the employee may be reimbursed mileage up to the cost of a round-trip coach airline ticket to the same destination. The employee may be reimbursed only the single occupancy rate of the designated hotel while at the conference and may not claim any expenses for his/her family.  

What receipts and/or documentation need to be kept by the employee while traveling?

The following original receipts are required:

  • Lodging receipt - must be a billing from the hotel detailing the:
    • Room rate
    • Occupancy
    • Tax
    • Other charges billed to the room
    • Claimant's name must appear on hotel billing in order to receive reimbursement
  • Airline ticket - the duplicate ticket or other airline receipt that includes information as to:
    • Class accommodations
    • Cost
    • Name of the travel agency
  • Car rental - the receipt must indicate:
    • Miles traveled
    • Dates the vehicle was checked in and out
    • Cost
  • Registration fees - the receipt must:
    • Be made out to the employee or claimant
    • Show the name of the conference or association
    • Show the total amount paid
    • Be marked paid
    • If a receipt is unavailable, the Office of State Finance has been known to accept a canceled check or credit card receipt indicating payment
  • Miscellaneous supplies - all items classified as a receipt must accompany miscellaneous supplies.

Where can I find the applicable per diem and lodging rates for the city in which I am staying?

Federal Government Per Diem Website

If I choose not to fly to my out of state destination, what documentation is need to prove the chosen form of travel is less expensive than flying?

A flight itinerary from a state approved travel agency with prices for that flight listed.

If purchasing registration fees with a Pro Card, what information is needed to process the travel claim?

The corresponding transaction number for that purchase must be sent to the Travel Coordinator for travel claims processing.

What is the fiscal year?

The fiscal year for the State of Oklahoma is from July 1 to June 30.

Are meal receipts needed?

Meal receipts are not needed for travel claims processing. The per diem for meals is calculated at the government-approved rates for a particular destination by the day (see #5, above). This is then broken down in to fractions based on hours spent traveling. To claim per diem a traveler has to at least be in travel status for 18 or more hours. 

Can my cell phone calls be reimbursed?

Cell phone calls can only be reimbursed if they are business related, if they are not part of a free plan (i.e. 500 minutes free for $30 per month) and if they are itemized on the traveler's cell phone bill indicating the total amount owed for the calls. The bill, with the travelers name, can act as a form for reimbursement.

Can registration be paid for with ProCard?

Yes, provided it meets the following criteria:

  • Registration is fully refundable.
  • If not refundable then another person in the same deptartment can attend.
  • If there is an 'early bird' discount for registering early.