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Travel Topical Reference

This site is designed to help you plan, participate, return and follow up in all your travel plans, whether you travel locally with frequency or fly great distances only once in a while. We have a number of different ways we present our information in hopes that one of them will fit your particular needs.


Commercial airline tickets for out of state travel can be purchased from an approved travel agency as established by the Division of Central Services or through another vendor if a savings can be realized. Please contact the Budget and Finance Specialist for more information on processes.


Separate any time spent in annual leave by indicating dates and times beginning and/or ending.


Should the employee or claimant wish to have the reimbursement from the travel voucher paid to the order of another individual, she/he will indicate this on the Out of State Travel Request and Airline Requisition.


Travel by bus will be reimbursed at a rate not to exceed the normal charge of such conveyance, and in no instances will the rate exceed coach class airfare.


The address, on one of the OSU campuses, to which the travel check will be sent. If provided, the check can be mailed to an off-campus address. If the claimant is an employee participating in payroll direct deposit his or her travel reimbursement will be made to the same account, and a "Notice of Deposit" will be mailed.


Continental breakfast, boxed lunches and refreshments such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc., provided during meeting breaks are not considered meals for the purposed of deducting meal provided with registration. *See also Meals Included in Registration


A cancelled check, in conjunction with documentation of the cost (such as a registration form), may be used as a receipt for registration fees. Both the front and the back of the cancelled check must be provided. A copy of the check before it clears the bank is not acceptable.


Regardless of mode of travel, reimbursement for out of state transportation costs cannot exceed that of coach airfare plus mileage to and from the airport. If an employee or claimant chooses another mode of travel other than by air, s/he must provided a cost comparison between the actual cost of transportation and the cost of the airline ticket (had s/he flown to the destination).


Any state officer or employee, while in official travel status, attending a previously arranged meeting, workshop or such similar event, conducted at the designated location as evidenced by the sponsor's announcement or notice, will qualify for actual lodging expense reimbursement not to exceed the single occupancy room rate charged by the designated hotel, motel, or other public lodging place. Employees or claimants choosing to acquire less expensive lodging at another hotel, motel, or other public lodging place may be reimbursed the actual lodging expense not to exceed the single occupancy room rate charged by the designated hotel, motel, or public lodging place. Under these circumstances, the claimant will not be reimbursed for local transportation costs incurred while traveling between the chosen lodging site and the designated hotel site unless an overall cost savings is demonstrated.


If an employee or claimant requires the use of fax services, while in official travel status, s/he may file for reimbursement. A receipt for the charges is required.


The fiscal year for the State of Oklahoma is from July 1 to June 30.


Gasoline costs for leased or rented automobiles may be reimbursed in full when a receipt is submitted.


Reimbursement for automobiles leased or rented within Oklahoma from car rental agencies or private parties, to be used in lieu of a privately owned vehicle on official business for the state, will not exceed the rate provided for the use of a privately owned automobile. The actual cost of leasing or renting an automobile outside the state of Oklahoma, to be used on official business for the state, will be reimbursed subject to approval.


Included in Registration: One fourth of one day's meals will be deducted from the per diem.

Other meals: See per diem topic on this page.


(privately owned vehicle) For purposes of computing mileage eligible for reimbursement the individual's office is the starting point, except when the individual is leaving from his or her home and where his or her home is closer to his or her destination than is his or her office.


Actual expenses for parking may be reimbursed in full by providing receipts. Valet parking is considered a luxury, not a necessity, and the Claimant will be limited to the non-valet rate.


Per diem is an allowance for lodging (not designated), and meals. The per diem rates are established annually for travelers on official Government business. See a map detailing the allotted amounts by state, then city.  The total amount allotted for a particular city is for the complete 24 hour period. This rate can be divided based on time spent traveling.


Fees for state employees and authorized officials attending workshops, conferences, meetings, and etc. may be reimbursed based upon the submission of a receipt for the fees. If purchased with the Pro-Card, the transaction number associated with that purchase must be provided.


Taxicab fares may be reimbursed for out of state on the basis of necessity. A receipt is necessary.


Business related telephone calls may be reimbursed in full.

Cell phone calls: These may only be reimbursed if they are business related, if they are not part of a free plan (i.e. 500 minutes free for $30 per month), and if they are itemized on the travelers cell phone bill indicating the total amount owed for the calls. The bill, with the traveler's name, can act as a form for reimbursement.


Actual cost for turnpike tolls may be reimbursed in full.