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Student Development Transcript

The Student Development Transcript (SDT) is designed to record and validate the extra-curricular activities you, as an OSU student, become involved in throughout your college career. This transcript can accompany your resume or job application to officially inform potential employers, transfer institutions, and graduate schools of your activities outside of the classroom. It can also be used throughout your college years for opportunities such as scholarships and honorary applications.

A file can be started at any point in your OSU academic career; however, you are encouraged to start as early as possible, preferably your junior year. Your transcript will be more accurate if you submit entries each year or at the end of each activity. Remember, the success of the transcript is completely in your hands.

Enroll in the SDT program by downloading and completing the registration form (PDF format) and returning it to the Campus Life office in North Hall 130.

Frequently Asked Questions

What may be included on the SDT?

Campus organizations including honorary, governmental, special interest, major interest, religious, professional associations, social, international, community organizations and volunteer service. Skill level and years of participation are also included.

Is there a fee?

No fee is charged to set-up a SDT file or generate a transcript. A $1.00 fee is charged for shipping and handling transcripts if you request they be mailed.

Can my transcript be edited?

You may submit changes at any time by filling out an Involvement Form. The form is available in the Campus Life office in North Hall 130. Redundant entries will be removed by noting an additional year of participation.

Who can validate my entries?

Validation is completed through the Campus Life Office. Volunteer work must be registered with the Campus Life Office.

Who has access to my SDT?

The OSU Campus Life staff and you. You may request official copies by filling out a SDT Request and returning it to Campus Life. SDT Request forms are available in the Campus Life Office.

Can I get an unofficial copy of my SDT?

Students may obtain an unofficial transcript through Campus Life. Campus Life will not mail out unofficial copies of the SDT.

How long are my records kept after graduation?

Records are kept in the computer for five years after your graduation date.