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Campus-Neighborhood Collaborative

The OSU-Tulsa Campus-Neighborhood Collaborative was formed to facilitate communication and ensure the community has a voice in future projects as our campus continues to evolve. Our collaborative meets once a semester to provide updates on OSU-Tulsa initiatives and discuss service and education opportunities where we can contribute to the growth and success of our community.

Collaborative members:

  • Lana Turner-Addison
    North Tulsa Economic Development Initiative
  • Dr. Leroy Cole
    Mt. Zion Baptist Church
  • Freeman Culver
    Greenwood Chamber of Commerce
  • Dytisha Davis
    Langston University-Tulsa
  • Jan Dawson
    OSU Cooperative Extension
  • Rev. Jamaal Dyer
    Friendship Baptist Church
  • Jesse Guardiola
    Tulsa Police Department
  • Dr. Ruth Jackson
    Langston University
  • Quraysh Ali Lansana
    OSU-Tulsa Professor, Poet, Historian
  • Glenda Love
    1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Commission
  • D'Marria Monday
    Block Builderz
  • Frances Jordan-Rakestraw
    Greenwood Cultural Center
  • Greg Robinson
    MET Cares Foundation
  • J. Kavin Ross
    North Tulsa Historian
  • Sherry Gamble-Smith
    Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce
  • Rev. Robert Turner
    Vernon AME Church
  • Dr. Mike Stout
    OSU-Tulsa Professor, Center for Public Life at OSU-Tulsa Co-Director
  • Dr. LaVerne Ford Wimberly
    Retired Educator