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Positive COVID-19 Case on Campus

OSU-Tulsa DOES NOT offer COVID testing to members of the public. OSU-Tulsa's Testing Center only offers academic testing. Members of the public seeking information about COVID-19 testing or vaccinations should visit the Tulsa Health Department website.

OSU-Tulsa will follow the guidance of state and local health officials in our response to a positive diagnosis on campus. If we receive confirmation that an OSU-Tulsa student or employee has had a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, measures will be promptly taken including recommended quarantine or isolation, contact tracing and facility disinfection.

The OSU-Tulsa and OSU-CHS Compliance Office will handle contact tracing and notification according to nationally recognized guidelines.

If you are symptomatic or test positive for COVID-19, contact the Student/Occupational Health Nurse at or 918-281-2755 immediately.

Process for Student or Employee On-Campus Exposure to COVID-19

  1. If you feel sick…
    1. Contact the Student/Occupational Health Nurse at 918-281-2755, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and they will provide further guidance and/or resources. If it is after hours or on the weekend, please contact your Primary Care Physician or if it is an emergency, dial 911.
    2. If it is the weekend or after hours and you would like a COVID test, MCI Diagnostics testing site (7018 S Utica Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136) is open from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturdays and they offer testing with no out of pocket cost. 
  2. If you test positive for COVID-19…
    1. Do not come to campus. Call the Student/Occupational Health Nurse at 918-281-2755 and let them know. They will provide detailed instructions on what to do next. If it is on the weekend or after hours, please email both the Student/Occupational Health Nurse, and Patty White, Safety Manager,
    2. One of them will be following up with you.
      1. You are required to quarantine for 14 days and receive clearance from the Student/Occupational Health Nurse to return to campus.
      2. Please refer to the references below regarding what a positive test means and resources available to you.
    3. Contact your instructors or supervisor and let them know that you will be absent and need to make accommodations for the next couple of weeks.
      1. Employees also should contact their HR Consultant to ensure the correct leave will be recorded and to determine eligibility for FFCRA (COVID Leave).
      2. If you need verification of your absence sent to a supervisor or instructor, please let the Student/Occupational Health Nurse or Patty White, Safety Manager, know. Please note that this only applies to those who were determined to be in contact with a confirmed case.
    4. OSU-CHS and OSU-Tulsa Compliance will be conducting a cursory contact tracing investigation and will be contacting other students, faculty, and staff determined to be in contact (thus increasing risk of exposure) with the confirmed case.
      1. Per Johns Hopkins Contact Tracing Course, Contact is defined as:
        1. Physical contact with the confirmed case
        2. Close contact with the confirmed case (within six feet) for over 15 minutes
        3. Proximate contact, meaning someone was more than six feet away from the confirmed case, but was in the same room for an extended period of time.
      2. . Other factors that will be considered are:
        1. Whether you and/or the confirmed case were wearing a mask
        2. Cleaning protocols for the general area in which the contact took place
      3. Please note that we will not reveal the name of anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 to those we determine to have been in contact with them. The only information relayed to contacts will be that we determined them to have been in direct contact with a confirmed case after our investigation.
  3. If you were determined to be in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case at OSU-Tulsa after it has been investigated, the Student/Occupational Health Nurse will email you with further instructions and request information so that we can schedule you to be tested. Please follow all of their instructions.
    1. If you test positive, please refer to Section 2 above.
    2. If you do not get an email from the Student/Occupational Health Nurse, it was determined that you were not in contact with the confirmed case so as to increase your risk of exposure. Please note that this determination is not conclusive as the official contact tracing investigation is conducted by the local health department.
      1. Any requests for testing made outside of those we determined to be in contact with the confirmed case will need to make arrangements outside of the student health department. 
      2. If you decide to get tested, but were not determined to be at high risk of exposure, you will not be allowed to return to campus until you get your test results (this can take up to 72 hours). If you test positive, please refer to Section 2.
      3. Health Officials from either the Tulsa Department of Health and/or the Oklahoma State Department of Health may contact you to conduct an official contact tracing investigation, so expect to cooperate with them if you test positive.