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Center for Poets and Writers Workshops

Tell your stories. Start writing a novel. Try a new poetry genre. The Center for Poets and Writers at OSU-Tulsa has a noncredit workshop led by an award-winning creative professional to guide you to achieving any of these goals.

Register online using the links below. A limited number of scholarships are also available for participants with financial need. For questions or more information about the workshops, email

Winter 2021 Online Workshop Series

Our Winter 2021 Online Workshops Series are available in our online marketplace! These workshops are non-credit and open to the public. Participants must be 18 or older to register.

Feb. 27
How to Start Your Novel | Led by Nate Knapp

1-day workshop, $30 to register

The goal of this workshop is simple—getting you going on a novel that keeps going. Starting, some say, is the easy part. But starting a novel that you'll actually finish is a whole other kettle of fish, one that retains an air of mystery even to well-published veterans of the art. We'll try to peer into that mystery in this two day course, examining a number of particularly successful novel openings, both past and present, as well as discussing strategies for getting oneself started (sometimes starting *is* the hard part!), and then working on a number of exercises. Hopefully, by the end, students will have the opening of their first novel.

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About the instructor: Nathan Knapp's writing has appeared in The Times Literary Supplement, 3:AM Magazine, Music & Literature, The Brooklyn Rail, Tin House, and elsewhere. He holds an MFA from Oklahoma State.

March 2
Journaling the Journey | Led by Eric Howerton

4-week workshop, $150 to register

In an attempt to work less and live more, philosopher Henry David Thoreau spent two years isolated in a shack in the woods. With little camping experience, author Cheryl Strayed solo hiked the 1,100-mile Pacific Crest Trail in an effort to conquer inner demons. And documentarian Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days to determine the effects of chronic fast-food consumption on the body. Q: What, if anything, do these three individuals have in common? A: They used a challenge to disrupt everyday patterns and routines, learning more about their character, their values, and the world around them in the process. This class embraces the notion that significant growth and reflection can be generated through experiments on the self that force the mind and/or body into new and unfamiliar territory. Students will be asked to design and commit to a (safe) 8-day experiment and document the experience with daily journal entries. The nature of your experiment is entirely up to you (e.g., living without a cell phone for 8 days; becoming a temporary vegetarian; taking a vow of silence; etc.). Regardless of the experiment you design, your journal entries will ultimately help you draft a 6-10 page essay chronicling the experience and what you learned along the way.

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About the instructor: Eric Howerton is a professor of English at OSU with a background in creative writing, composition, and literature. He is also an avid amateur cook, skier, musician, and mushroom forager.

Workshop Registration Policies

  • Workshop registration is available online through the Center for Poets and Writers at OSU-Tulsa website or by mail. No registrations will be accepted over the phone or email.
  • Payments for workshops must be by credit card for online registrations or check/money order for mail-in registrations. No cash will be accepted.
  • If the workshop you would like to register for is full at the time you try to register, please sign up for the waiting list via email at You will be notified by email if a space opens up in the workshop.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to register for a workshop.
  • You will receive an email receipt when your payment has been received.
  • Registration is open until the workshop is filled or until three days before the first session.
  • The Center for Poets and Writers at OSU-Tulsa reserves the right to limit the number of multi-week workshops for which participants may register per session. The Center also reserves the right to cancel a workshop in the minimum enrollment is not met.
  • Workshops may include short in-class writing exercises and outside reading assignments. Participants are expected to read and write comments about each other’s written pieces. Prior creative writing experience is not needed unless otherwise specified.
  • We are happy to accommodate the needs of participants with disabilities. Please email for assistance.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your registration and receive a partial refund, you must call  918-594-8215 or email at least 10 business days prior to the beginning of the workshop.

Please note that a cancellation fee of $130 for Multi-Week Workshops and $50 for weekend seminars will be deducted from the amount you are reimbursed. NO refunds will be given after the 10-day deadline for cancellation.

These policies are subject to change at any time without notice.