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Engineering and Technology Management Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate program in Engineering and Technology Management consists of 12 hours of selected ETM courses. The certificate is a graduate-level credential reflecting knowledge of the discipline of engineering management.  It provides:

  • Documented participation in a focused program and coursework with the same rigor as a graduate level degree
  • The opportunity to expand the participant's management skills and/or complement your B.S. field of study with management education
  • Participation in an academic community of faculty and students with a common interest
  • A ladder path to the Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management degree (all twelve hours can be used toward a degree)
  • Demonstrated progress towards the M.S. degree that your employer can see
  • A printed certificate and record in your transcript from the OSU Graduate School to document successful completion

Learn more about this graduate certificate at the Engineering and Technology Management website or by contacting OSU-Tulsa Graduate Student Services.

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