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CLASS FULL: Black Wall Street Course

Event Date: 
Monday, August 17, 2020 - 5:30pm to 8:15pm
In-Person OSU-Tulsa or Online
Event Details: 

This fall semester, OSU-Tulsa is offering a Black Wall Street history course that is open to students for credit and to the public as a non-credit option. The course will take place at OSU-Tulsa with a remote option available.

The public can register for the class at

Students should talk to their undergraduate advisor and then register for the course in myOKSTATE.

Led by Quraysh Ali Lansana, the course will examine the history of Tulsa’s Greenwood District from its pre-statehood beginnings to its many renaissances, including the present day. Coined “Black Wall Street” by educator and historian Booker T. Washington, Greenwood was the most economically vibrant Black community in the United States for years, in spite of Oklahoma’s brutal segregation laws. Though that entrenched racial divide continues to exist, Black Wall Street is thriving once again. Guest lecturers from Black community leaders and field trips to significant landmarks will reinforce classroom learning. The course will culminate with community-based projects that explore Greenwood then and now.

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