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Graduation Steps for OSU-Tulsa Graduate Students

The following steps serve as a guideline for OSU graduate students on the Tulsa campus. The OSU-Tulsa Graduate Student Services Center accepts documents on behalf of the Graduate College. Please be aware of minimum enrollment requirements and specific deadline dates and note that the following steps represent the general requirements of all graduating students in the Graduate College. Students should also contact their departments for further departmental requirements, if applicable. In addition, students should be sure that any outstanding bursar balances are paid to avoid delays in issuing diplomas upon graduation.


Graduation Clearance Form and Final Revised Plan of Study

Submit your Graduation Clearance form and final revised Plan of Study online via the Graduate Student Round-Up.

Admission to Doctoral Candidacy Form

Doctoral students should verify the Admission to Doctoral Candidacy form is on file in the Graduate College and ensure the in-candidacy enrollment requirement has been (or will be) met.

Thesis/Dissertation Workshop

Graduate students completing a thesis or dissertation should attend a Thesis/Dissertation Format Review Workshop. Workshops are available on both the Stillwater and Tulsa campuses. You can view the Thesis/Dissertation Guide at the OSU Graduate College website. A recorded version of the workshop is available by logging in to the Graduate Student Round-Up.

Thesis/Dissertation Oral Defense Results Form

Graduate students completing a thesis or dissertation must schedule an Oral Defense early in the term of graduation and submit the Thesis/Dissertation Oral Defense Results form (PDF) immediately following the oral presentation and prior to the published deadline.

Submit Thesis or Dissertation

Upload the electronic version of your thesis or dissertation. You will receive the link and instructions once your Oral Defense Results have been received and processed. Submit one signed Approval Page and one Abstract on plain paper. Templates for the Approval Page and Abstract can be downloaded from the OSU Graduate College website. You will receive a notice by email when the electronic version of your thesis or dissertation has been approved. You may be contacted to make modifications.

National Science Foundation Survey

Doctoral students are required to complete a survey by the National Science Foundation. Your dissertation will not be reviewed for approval until after you have completed the survey.

Diploma Application

Submit your Diploma Application online via Student Self-Services. The Diploma Application will populate only after your Graduation Clearance form has been processed and approved. Indicate in the Diploma Application your intent to participate in Commencement and where you would like your diploma to be mailed.

Commencement Ceremony

Participate in a Commencement Ceremony (fall and spring in Stillwater and spring in Tulsa). If you plan to attend the OSU-Tulsa Commencement ceremony, please also RSVP online or at the Information Center in North Hall. Summer graduates may participate in either of the spring or fall ceremonies.