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OSU Pride Works: Making a Difference

For Fall 2020, Professional Development courses are live and virtual. Participants will be emailed a Zoom invite at least three days prior to the event.

A Diversity Certificate Program

As one of OSU’s core values, Diversity is important to the work environment. In our workforce, we have the opportunity to interact with people from many countries and diverse backgrounds. The program has five different elements to accommodate a variety of learning styles. There are online courses to complete at your own pace in addition two instructor-led courses will offer opportunities for discussion and feedback.

The program includes scenario-based exercises for treating others with respect and understanding while improving working relationships with teammates. Participants will receive the tools they need to promote these relationships while respecting cultural differences.


Start by enrolling in the OSU Pride Works: Making a Difference curriculum in the Learning Management System.

This certificate program requires five steps:

1. Choose and complete five courses from the list of online courses below. Each course takes approximately one hour in length to complete:

  • Clash of the Generations
  • Diversity in the Workplace...for Employees
  • Diversity Made Simple
  • Navigate & Respect Age, Ethnic & Racial Differences
  • Respect Gender & Sexual Differences & Assert Yourself

2.​ Attend two instructor-led courses:

  • Safe Zone (Instructor-led session) (2 hours) or in-person two-hour equivalent (ask an HR rep for details)
  • Diversity at Work (two hours).

3. Submit a written element, which can be turned in to the instructor at one of the Instructor-led sessions.

  • Explain the difference between inclusion and exclusion and give an example of each from your workplace.
  • Pick a current topic happening in the news that involves diversity and discuss how that has made an impact on you.
  • List three items you learned from the online diversity courses you completed. Explain how you can implement what you learned in the workplace.

4. Must attend an OSU in Tulsa Staff Conference within a two-year period (either Spring or Fall) and attend one diversity-related session during that conference.

5. Complete the certificate program within one year of attending your first instructor-led course.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the OSU Pride Works: Making a Difference program.