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Frequently Asked Questions

Employees already working on a program or needing to complete the previously enrolled programs will need to contact Jessica Cowles to determine if courses will be paid for by Human Resources. How do I enroll in classes or certificate programs?
Use the Learning Management System (LMS) at to enroll/register for training.

Do I have to enroll in a certificate program if I just want to attend one or two classes?
No. You may take most classes without being enrolled in a specific program.

What if I need instructions to get to the LMS?
Use the “Quickstart” reference guide.

Who are these classes for?
Any staff or faculty member may enroll in professional development classes.

How much does the training cost?
Courses offered at OSU-CHS and OSU-Tulsa are at no cost to the employee or department. 

For more information, contact:

Jessica Cowles
Human Resources Consultant
Phone: 918-594-8316