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Multicultural Student Services

  • Academic Advising Referrals
  • Financial Aid/Scholarships
  • Minority Student Organizations
  • Minority Advisory Council
  • Tutorial Referrals

"Get involved. Make a difference."

Welcome to OSU-Tulsa Multicultural Student Services. Our main focus is to assess the needs and facilitate the development of minority students through educational programs and activities. We operate on an open-door policy regarding issues or concerns of minority students. The MSS office also serves as a resource for the university community to promote cultural awareness and an understanding of diversity issues.

Academic Advising Referrals

Advisors are assigned based on the degree program a student seeks at OSU-Tulsa. Whether you're entering for the first time, transferring from another college or just changing your degree path, our office can refer you to an academic advisor that can work with you as you finish your degree at OSU-Tulsa. We'll even make the appointment for you!

Financial Aid/Scholarships

The MSS office can assist students and families with the initial processing of the need-based Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA). In order to be considered for maximum aid, students are encouraged to apply between January 1stĀ - March 1st. Students may also file for financial aid electronically at OSU-Tulsa offers a variety of academic and financial need based scholarships. The deadline to apply for all scholarships is March 1st. The MSS office will periodically provide information on scholarships from external agencies. Information on these scholarships are posted in our office, website and around campus. Please stop by or email us if you need assistance searching for scholarships that meet your needs. You may also access for a complete listing of external scholarships.

Minority Student Organizations

Minority student organizations on the OSU-Tulsa campus are designed to give attention to the particular interests, concerns and challenges of minority students in today's world. If you're interested in starting or joining a student organization, please contact our office. The Afro-American Student Alliance (AASA) is now forming and looking for members! If interested in joining please call or sign up in Multicultural Student Services.

Minority Advisory CouncilĀ (MAC)

The Minority Advisory Council was formed in an effort to encourage minority student involvement and to promote unity among minorities at OSU-Tulsa. The MAC activities include planning and implementing programs, as well as assisting with special minority awareness celebrations. The MAC serves as the voice for minority students by addressing issues or concerns minority students may have. The MAC is comprised of faculty, staff and students. If you're interested in joining the MAC, please contact our office.

Tutorial Referrals

Need a little extra help in a class? The MSS office can refer you to qualified individuals willing to help you succeed in your academic endeavors. Please stop by our office for a complete listing. In addition, the MSS office is always looking for tutors in a wide range of subject areas. If you're interested and can spare some extra time, please contact the MSS office.