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Brock Fellowship gives teachers opportunity for career advancement

Published: Friday, February 2, 2018

Tamara Danley, English teacher at Webster High School and Brock Fellow at OSU-Tulsa, leads class.

OSU-Tulsa and the Brock Community Family Foundation have partnered to create an affordable pathway to leadership for the state’s teachers and an opportunity for school districts to develop leaders from within.

As a Brock Fellow in Educational Leadership, teachers can complete a master’s degree in educational leadership studies in just 18 months for a substantially reduced out-of-pocket cost.

“The fellowship at OSU-Tulsa not only saves our teachers money, but it allows them to stay in their workplaces while pursuing a graduate degree and to receive the state-mandated raise for a master’s degree much more quickly than many other school leadership programs,” said Dr. Ed Harris, OSU-Tulsa professor and Williams Chair of Educational Leadership.

During their studies, Brock Fellows learn to adapt entrepreneurial concepts to help solve problems, understand and analyze data for better student outcomes, as well as incorporate innovative and collaborative approaches to enhance education for students in their district.

Among the first cohort that started class last fall, Tamara Danley, an English teacher at Tulsa’s Webster High School, said her graduate study is already paying dividends in the classroom.

“I bring the concepts and ideas I am learning at OSU-Tulsa to my classes every day,” she said. “When I see a student suddenly understand a new concept because I’ve used those strategies, it is especially gratifying.”

Brock Community Family Foundation donates $80,000 to develop affordable pathway to a master’s degree

Without the Brock Foundation’s donation, Danley and others would have limited opportunities for graduate school.

“I really didn’t think I could ever afford to get the graduate degree I need to move into school leadership,” Danley said. “Without this fellowship, I wouldn’t be able to do it at all.”

The Brock Family Community Foundation gave $80,000 to establish the OSU-Tulsa fellowship.

The university is now accepting nominations of new fellowship candidates from superintendents in the Tulsa area for the 2018 fall semester. Fellowship coordinators will begin reviewing applications March 15 and will continue until a cohort is selected.

Teachers must be nominated by their superintendent, but they can proactively let their principal or supervisors know about their interest. Principals can then submit their suggestions to superintendents.

Superintendents may nominate one candidate and one alternate. For more information or to submit a nomination, contact Curry at or Harris at

Tulsa Public Schools English teacher Tamara Danley answers a student's question about writing research papers.

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