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Learning to Lead

Published: Thursday, August 29, 2019

OSU-Tulsa President's Leadership Society

OSU-Tulsa President’s Leadership Society surpasses expectations

When Dr. Raj Basu first created a prestigious group to help high-achieving students at Oklahoma State University-Tulsa develop leadership skills, he wasn’t certain how much participation he might find.

Basu was pleasantly surprised when the President’s Leadership Society doubled in size to nearly 80 members in its second year.

“I really didn’t know what to expect when we started, but students were enthusiastic about the offer of leadership development, community engagement and networking,” said Basu, the society’s faculty adviser. “They jumped at the chance to use those experiences and resources to better themselves.”

The organization was formed in 2017 to provide academic enrichment and special recognition for emerging student leaders. Students are invited to join the elite group based on academic achievement and leadership potential.

Members are required to attend monthly meetings and can access seminars on business etiquette, résumé building and interview skills.

Every month, student members hear from Tulsa civic and business leaders on topics ranging from developing professionalism to advancing their career. They also network with area professionals and OSU-Tulsa alumni as well as arrange one-on-one mentorships with Tulsa business leaders.

“By exposing these students to the soft skills needed for success in the professional world, OSU-Tulsa is cultivating them to be leaders in the workplace and community,” Basu said.

The society continues to evolve as members pursue more community service and volunteerism opportunities and become campus ambassadors.

Founding member Rachel Millea is among the first society members to graduate from OSU-Tulsa. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in business in May, she plans to return for graduate school.

“PLS was a crucial factor in my success and growth at OSU-Tulsa,” Millea said. “The support and friendship I received enabled me to overcome obstacles during my undergraduate studies. Some of my biggest takeaways and learning experiences happened in PLS rather than the classroom.”

Members of the 2018-19 OSU-Tulsa President’s Leadership Society have made long-lasting friendships outside of group activities.

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