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Library introduces touchscreen data visualization table

Published: Friday, November 17, 2017

The OSU-Tulsa Library invites students and faculty to try out its new data visualization table.

The special touchscreen table is loaded with data visualization software that can help researchers identify patterns or grasp difficult concepts in data through the use of graphics.

With funding through an OSU President’s Fellows grant, the library’s data visualization studio is open for beta testing to groups or individuals who would like to try the new technology.

OSU-Tulsa Library Director Lynn Wallace said students or faculty who would like to use the table may make online reservations, call 918-594-8130 or stop by the library and spend a few minutes using the table if the room is free.

“Data is an enormous part of our lives and while most data is flat – such as in spreadsheets - data is more complex than ever,” said OSU-Tulsa Library Director Lynn Wallace. “Data visualization takes large amounts of information and overlaps each piece to allow the discovery of new correlations.”

Students and faculty can input complex datasets, models and digital images or video to create interactive data tools or curate digital information.

The acquisition is part of the OSU-Tulsa Library’s effort to expand services to meet the needs of today’s researcher.

The use of data visualization software is increasing in most industries regardless of size.

The graphic representation of data enables users to pinpoint emerging trends and communicate the information to others more quickly and effectively.

OSU-Tulsa's new data visualization studio is open to students and faculty in the library.

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