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Meet: Andrew Temple

Published: Thursday, February 23, 2023

OSU-Tulsa’s career services coordinator Andrew Temple has hit the ground running since starting in November, working hard to help students access services and resources that will help them elevate their career.

“Higher education is a conduit for learning and an opportunity to be in an atmosphere where people are trying to better themselves,” Temple said. “For me, being able to help students look at their life as a story and capitalize on their strengths to earn a great career – that’s perfect.”

A Little Bit of Background

Temple is one of eight kids from a family in the small northwest Wisconsin town of Spooner. He earned a bachelor's degree in organizational communication and a master's degree in organizational leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University. He has worked in the career services office at IWU, as a district manager for the gas station and convenience store chain Speedway, as a freelance business consultant, and as the residence director at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.

Career Services

If you’re struggling to find the right career fit, OSU-Tulsa career services can help. After all, Temple has been there.

“There have been moments where I didn’t have a job, and a moment where I couldn’t get the right job – so I have empathy and understand of the difficulty of going through the job search process,” Temple said. “I know what employers are looking for and I want to communicate that to students to help those that are finding it difficult to find a job, or who are looking for then next advancement or promotion in their work.”

There are dozens of events to help students take the next step in their careers – everything from resume and cover letter workshops to professional headshots to career fairs. Right now, Temple is working to boost students’ muscle in the job market, and is specifically looking at how OSU-Tulsa faculty can help their students land a job.

“I’m looking forward to partnering with faculty, growing the awareness of our services and getting to know people, then building something even greater for the future.”

Start Working Towards Your Career Today

Right now, the job market for many careers is hotter than ever. For many students, finding a job isn’t a problem – but landing the right job can be.

“The difficulty is the preparation of finding jobs,” Temple said. “Sometimes students wait too long to start their career preparation. They think ‘oh yeah, my senior year, I’ll start doing resumes and cover letters and start practicing some of those skills’ but a lot of times employers are looking to hire students in the fall, but students aren’t applying until the spring.”

His advice? It’s never too early to start walking down that career path.

“Start preparing by junior year. The job market is there, but there’s lot of people fighting for the same jobs. How are you going to stand out compared to the rest?”

To learn more about what OSU-Tulsa Career Services can help students with, visit For a list of upcoming OSU-Tulsa career events, head to


Temple, talking with students and handing out shirts and info during Welcome Week.

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