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Orange Pride: Olivia Woody

Published: Thursday, December 10, 2020

Olivia Woody landed at OSU-Tulsa on a whim.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s in Agricultural Science and Natural Resources and doing a work study for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Woody had realized she would rather work in an industry that gave her more time to raise a family.

“My mom actually pointed out the Testing Specialist position,” Woody said. “I didn’t know anything about it, but you never know until you try.”

She applied for a position in the OSU-Tulsa Testing Center, got the job, and quickly impressed those around her with her helpful nature, personality and dedication.

“I fell right into it and got really comfortable here. I’ve been encouraged to grow and make an impact where I can, and everyone is so nice.”

Demonstrated Excellence

Woody earned the Orange Pride Award for Employee Excellence because of her work ethic, positive attitude and commitment to helping others.

In her five years at the Testing Center, she’s been able to pursue new opportunities and accomplish new things both within and beyond her position. 

“I’m definitely a ‘do-er,’” Woody said. “I don’t always give myself credit for being creative, but if you show me your idea, I will help bring it to life.”

Her assistance-oriented attitude and organization skills led her to become OSU-Tulsa Staff Advisory Council’s first secretary when it was formed in 2019. Now, she’s the SAC President-elect.

Woody gives credit to her supervisor, Kim McCracken, for encouraging her to go beyond her role as Lead Testing Specialist and lend her skills to OSU-Tulsa events and committees.

“We are a quiet, tucked-away center, so we have to put in the effort to be a part of things,” she said. “Thankfully Kim has always pushed me to be involved in things like SAC or the Tulsa Area United Way Committee and lend a hand to good people and good causes.”

Facing New Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced changes in every department.

For Woody and others in the Testing Center, the coronavirus has resulted in a temporary slow season as more testing has transitioned online – which leads to new challenges.

 “I feel like I have an open mind, I’m flexible,” Woody said. “Things have changed with COVID, but we still offer a valuable service. We’ve had to be creative with different ways to help students.”

As a response, the Testing Center has been branching out, looking for other companies to proctor exams for.

Combatting the obstacles COVID-19 brings has been tough on most people, but solving problems is something of a specialty for Woody.

“I genuinely enjoy hanging out in the background to make sure that every little piece is in place and doing what I can to relieve stress from others.”

To recommend an OSU-Tulsa staff member for the Orange Pride award, complete this nomination form. Orange Pride recipients are selected quarterly and receive a framed certificate and $100.

Olivia Woody accepted her Orange Pride Award during the 2020 Welcome Back event in the new Student Union.

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