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OSU-Tulsa Library among first in state to run active shooter drill

Published: Wednesday, May 2, 2018

OSU-Tulsa Police Chief Melvin Murdock, in uniform left, and OU-Tulsa Police Chief Walter Evans lead a debriefing for library staff following an active shooter drill.

Active shooter drills are common in public schools and other institutions statewide, but OSU-Tulsa Library is among the first college libraries in Oklahoma to complete a full active shooter drill, Director Lynn Wallace said.

On April 27, the library closed early so that all 16 staffers could participate in the role-playing exercise.

“It increased our situational awareness and helped build safety communications among the staff,” Wallace said. “As library director, I feel that this safety training is as crucial as any other training. The safety of our employees and students is very important.”

The drill scenario was developed and guided by OSU-Tulsa Police Chief Melvin Murdock in collaboration with the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa Police Chief Walter Evans. OSU-Tulsa Police Department dispatcher Audra Kennedy also took part in the training.

"The whole premise is to get employees to respond in their workplace and see if  - in real time - they apply the things they were just instructed to do," Murdock said. "This is the closest we can get to the real thing."

The library drill was the first of many Murdock expects to facilitate on both the OSU-Tulsa and OU-Tulsa campuses.

Wallace said the library has already made several changes in policy in response to what they learned Friday.

“In today’s times, it is important to be proactive,” she said. “Safety is one more critical function that we must prepare for.”

OSU-Tulsa Police Chief Melvin Murdock discusses the active shooter drill with library staff.

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