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OSU-Tulsa to offer 40-hour HAZWOPER certificate course

Published: Monday, June 25, 2018

Environmental science graduate students can now take course for credit

Students learn about hazardous waste disposal during a course hosted by OSU-Tulsa.

OSU-Tulsa is offering the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certification course and, for the first time, graduate students can earn college credit toward their degree by completing the program.

The course is set for July 9-13.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration created the certification to ensure workers are trained to deal safely with hazardous waste.

The 40-hour program combines classroom coursework and hands-on experience to help participants learn proper use of personal protective equipment, hazard recognition and decontamination and containment procedures.

The course is open to members of the public who are required to have the certification for employment, including equipment operators, general laborers, emergency responders and supervisory personnel. Individuals may enroll in the non-credit option at The cost is $750.

For the first time, environmental science graduate students in OSU-Tulsa’s Professional Science Master’s program can take the HAZWOPER course and earn three credit hours toward their degree.

“By taking HAZWOPER at OSU-Tulsa, graduate students not only can earn hours toward their degree, but they will be a step ahead of other candidates even before they start their job search,” said Dr. Ken Ede, director of the Professional Science Master’s program. “This certification is something many environmental sciences professionals need to start their careers.”

Graduate students are encouraged to talk with their faculty advisor before enrolling in the course.

The HAZWOPER course at OSU-Tulsa can also be used as a point of entry into the Professional Science Master’s program. The program prepares graduates to work within industry to ensure that businesses are in compliance with federal environmental standards and deal appropriately with hazardous waste.

For more information about the Professional Science Master’s degree, contact OSU-Tulsa Graduate Student Services at 918-594-8445 or email


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