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Research shows veterans more likely to be turned down for jobs with emotional or social responsibilities

Steven Shepherd


New research from Oklahoma State University-Tulsa shows that veterans are often perceived as lacking empathy and emotional skill sets, which has a negative impact on job opportunities.

Judging Others

OSU-Tulsa assistant professor of marketing Dr. Steven Shepherd collaborated on research examining biases about people who use food stamps.

Using data in diagnoses

Former OSU Ph.D. student Dr. Behrooz Davazdahemami (left) worked with researcher and ER physician Dr. Paul Peng on using data to better understand the problem of "bounce back" among hospital ER patients.

OSU data science researcher Dr. Dursun Delen (right) collaborated with Icahn School of Medicine biomedical researcher and physician Dr. Paul Peng on using machine learning algorithms to improve care for ER patients.

Distinguished OSU-Tulsa adjunct professor is mainstay in Spears School of Business

Tara Urich


When it comes to adjunct professors, it’s hard to find one that’s both qualified and passionate about the position. That’s where OSU-Tulsa business law lecturer Tara Urich stands out.

In 2001, she joined Oklahoma State University in Stillwater as an accounting instructor. When a full-time lecturer position in business law opened up at OSU-Tulsa, she jumped at the opportunity and has been with the university ever since.

The future of the dreaded performance appraisal

Tom Stone

Spears Business professor of management Tom Stone has studied changes in performance management systems for decades. He and colleagues have recently written about the latest approaches to the often dreaded performance appraisal.