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campus life

I just want my degree, so why should I get involved on campus? #SRSLY

You hear it from faculty and staff all the time. “You need to get involved in campus activities.”

You think to yourself, “I don’t have any free time, I’ve got a (insert responsibility here: job, spouse, kids, elderly parents, etc.). I just want to go to class and go home!”

Say Hello to a New Semester

Now is your chance to start fresh, form new habits and let’s get real – start killin’ it. It’s a new semester! Here’s a list of things that successful students do during their first weeks back to class:

Published: Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New OSU-Tulsa materials research group to connect students with global network

Doctoral researcher Ranjan Singhal works to create two-dimensional materials for future electronics in a lab at the OSU-Tulsa Helmerich Research Center.A new OSU-Tulsa chapter of the Materials Research Society will provide students an opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with professionals and keep up with advances in the field, said doctoral researcher Ranjan Singhal.