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Meet Boone!


My name is Boone, and I am an English Cream Golden Retriever. When people see me, they sometimes don't know that I am a Golden Retriever because of my light fur color. My birthday is May 5, 2016. 

 I was born in Russellville, Arkansas at ArkGold (Heart of Gold) Retrievers. I was adopted by Kathy and Monty Curry when I was just 9 weeks old. They fell in love with me at first sight, and they say that I look like my dad. His name is Titus with a Heart of Gold, so they named me Boone with a Heart of Gold. That name is really long, so I just go by "Boone." 

They chose me because I was so sweet and cuddly when I was little. They said that my breeder recognized that I would be a good therapy dog even when I was still a little puppy. I LOVE people and other animals. I even have a friend who is a cat, and I love to play with her (except when she scratches!) I have a box full of toys at my house, and I leave them scattered all over the floor. My mom says that she feels like she has a toddler at home because she has to pick up my toys every night! I'm working on that and have even learned to put a few toys back in the box when I am told (but mostly, I get them back out when Mom puts them away!)

I received my Canine Good Citizen certification in March 2018, and I will be registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs in April. My mom teaches in the Educational Leadership program at OSU. Her classes are on the Tulsa, OKC and Stillwater campuses, so I know you will see me around!