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Meet Cleveland!


Hi!  My name is Cleveland and I am a 4-year-old girl Great Dane.  I was born in Texas when immediately after I was adopted into a home of four crazy, itty-bitty children and a grumpy old pug.  At first, the little humans scared me the most, I tried to hide in all the small spaces, but I learned fast that I was much bigger than I thought I was.  I quickly adapted because I am determined to make my owners happy. 

My ears are bent funny and a lot crooked, but my owners love me any way, even the little humans give me big hugs all the time.  One of the little humans lets me sniff their face and give huge licks whenever I want.  My favorite is when I can sneak into their beds at nighttime and pretend to be the family pillow. 

I mostly love to snuggle, but I also love to play fetch with my furry stuffed “dirty duck.”  I tire quickly, but even when tired, I am great to cuddle with.  I got my name because Dr. Shannon wanted me sooooooo bad and Mr. Trenton wouldn’t allow her to get another dog unless she named it “Cleveland” after the city where my owners met and fell in love.  I don’t mind having a dude’s name, I think my bark would fulfill even a monster’s name!  I look forward to sniffing your face and loving you as much as I’ve been loved myself!