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Meet Deuce!


Deuce is an 11-year-old lab mix who is a Cowboy at heart -- loyal and true. He is gentle, patient and kind.  He is dedicated to his family and in general he is a happy boy. The only time his tail stops wagging is when he sleeps.

He joined OSU-CHS President Kayse Shrum's family 10 years ago during an ice storm. Dr. Shrum's family found him running down the highway, brought him home and put him in their barn. But Deuce wasn’t happy with that. He kept leaving the barn and standing outside the front door crying, shivering and chattering his teeth.

The family later learned that Deuce will chatter his teeth for a treat! Deuce wasn’t miserably cold that night -- he wanted in the house with the family. Deuce persisted until he was in the house with the kids and has been a part of the family ever since.

Deuce’s favorite thing to do is make new friends. New friends mean more people to love on him! He also loves to go "bye-bye." It doesn’t matter where you go; he enjoys being out and about. His favorite treats are salmon bites and hot dogs.

Deuce has received his Canine Good Citizen certification. He retired from Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa in 2018.