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Meet Fern!


Howdy, my name is AG Cimarron’s Beautiful Inferno, but my family and friends just call me Fern. I’m a black Labrador retriever and I’m 3 ½ years old, or in my mid 20’s in REAL years. I was adopted at eight weeks old by my humans, Matt, Carrie, Anna, Grant and now Tai Bowler. My mom was a great mom and hunter. My dad was a famous hunter with videos and the like, but I never met him. He died of cancer 3 years before I was born. Once they found out he had cancer they froze his genetic code to pass on to future me and my brothers and sisters.

But enough about them, let’s talk about me…I like pina coladas and long swims at the lake…..Actually I’m a driven hunter and sensitive loving companion. I love to hunt upland birds and ducks, retrieving birds, bumpers and anything thrown in the water, dive off of the dock and ride with my head out the window. I love to take my human running and mountain biking. I deeply love my humans, feel their emotions and let them stay inside my home since they are house broken. I’m as sassy and driven at protecting my back yard from dogs wandering by as I am sensitive and I love to be in my den under my humans' bed.

I’m super excited to be a part of Pete’s Pet Posse to love on people and let them get to snuggle me. I had to work REALLY hard to pass my Canine Good Citizen. Being good is hard, ya know. I’m also a member of Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc.. after working hard to pass their initiation tests.