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Meet Frankie!


Hi there!  My name is Frankie and I’m a girl.  I’m almost 3 years old. My mom says I’m part Husky because the veterinarian who spayed me said if I woke up howling I was a Husky and I guess I did! 

My mom loves to tell the story about how she found me and my sister in the winter of 2016.  She was taking a walk along a back road one morning and we just popped out of the woods and started following her.  I remember that because she was walking with a big red dog that smelled friendly.  We followed the big red dog all the way into a place where there were lots of houses. 

We were going to follow them some more but we saw a squirrel.  JoJo (that’s my sister) and I lived in the woods—sometimes we found food in a bowl by a house in the woods.  My mom says she couldn’t stop thinking about us and worrying that we were cold and hungry.  One day she saw us in the road by the house in the woods.  She stopped her car and tried to get us to go with her but we wouldn’t.  The lady from the house came out and told my mom she’d been giving us food.  They decided to work together to tame us.  My mom brought hotdogs every day to get us to come to her. 

Pretty soon we were sleeping in the lady’s warm garage and eating food from my mom’s hands.  And now I’m a pet therapy dog living with my mom and dad and my big red brother dog, Charlie, and my other brother dog Logan.  And JoJo lives with her brother dogs with the lady from the house in the woods.  When I’m not home chasing squirrels you might find me sleeping in my mom’s office in Main Hall. 

I am a Canine Good Citizen and I belong to the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (March 2018).  Come see me!