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Meet Max!


Hello! My name is Max and I am a 9-year-old Maltese but my mom also thinks I have a little Poodle in me. You will know me by my awesome laid back personality and soft white hair. I’m a native Oklahoman and have lived with my mom Ashley Adkins all my life.

I love to go on walks in the evening and bark at the mailman and UPS trucks during the day. I am allergic to 25 different things so I have to have special food and treats! I really don’t like to take baths but I know I have to and that darn hairdryer afterwards drives me crazy!

I received my Canine Good Citizen certification in June 2016 and was registered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs in July.

I look forward to lounging in my mom’s office and getting to meet students in the lounge. I am located on the 4th floor of Barson Building at OSU-CHS. So come “RELAX with MAX!