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Meet Max!


Max is my name and I am three year old yellow Labrador Retriever.  I was born in Arkansas where I was rescued by Lab Rescue OK, and I eventually made my way to Tulsa Town. Sharon and Dr. Bill Meek, my current owners and parents, found me through the Lab Rescue organization and we met at the PetSmart. Sharon knew that I was her dog when she first saw me, and I like her a lot because she gives me hugs and kisses. Bill doesn’t give me any kisses, but he takes me for walks when it is cold or hot outside and I like that.

I like to play tug, greet other dogs, go for rides, visit any drive-through that gives me a biscuit, go to the dog park, and have my belly scratched.  You will know me by my short tail. Bill and Sharon do not know why it is short and they love me anyway.  My name was Ricky Bobby because I can run so fast and I am sometimes quick to greet.  They changed it to Max, which is okay with me.  I am kinda like a double movie star now, with two movie star names.  I am looking forward to brightening your day, making you smile, and hopefully I get a few pets and rubs.

I received my Canine Good Citizen certification in June 2016, with a “most improved” commendation and was registered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs in July.  I am the “Anatomy Dog”, so you could see me hanging around the Anatomy and Cell Biology Department at OSU-CHS.