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Meet Sunny!


I am a 2 year old Golden Retriever (actually I will be 3 in June of 2018) but you would not know I was still a pup because I am a BIG boy! Everybody tells me that so, I guess I am, I am just 87 pounds of love!! I was born here in Tulsa and grew up in a house full of Golden Retrievers. I have a pretty special name (Sunshine Spirit of Sage Williams), because I was named after my mommy’s dog she had before me, her name was Sage’s Enchanted Spirit.

Somehow Sage sent her a message that I was here waiting for her and it was time to come get me. Mom and dad knew me right away when they got there and I knew them too… I was the first one to walk right over to them and sit down. I even had an orange collar on! I knew where I was going eventually! But what a cool surprise for my first day… mom had a thing called a life jacket for me and we went straight to the lake! WOW swimming! I am the luckiest dog in the world! I have tons and tons of new friends at the lake, they all tell mom they are gonna take me home with them, but she just laughs we all know better!

Mommy has taken me to school ever since I came to live with them & taught me all kinds of things…mommy calls manners and other stuff but it makes her happy and I like being a good dog. I even earned my AKC Canine Good Citizen this March 2018. Daddy is my play mate, we tug and run and fetch and take naps! My favorite things to do are play (I try to play with the cat but he doesn’t get it) I love to be in the water and then get brushed & blow dried! I even wait my turn for brush and dry when mom does her hair every morning!

But my FAVORITE thing EVER is people! I give the best hugs and I will sit with you for a long time especially if you need me… I know, which is why I will become registered with the Alliance for Therapy Dogs this March 2108 also.

I like making people smile. So I guess I am living up to my name… come get some Sunshine from me when I am with my mom at OSU Tulsa campus, helping to recruit more students! I will be the one still in an orange collar! Oh yeah… you can see all my adventures, at school, the lake, with my friends and even my baby pictures follow me on Facebook @ OSU SUNNY! I will keep you posted on where I will be around town sharing my love (and some of my fur haha)