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Management Business Sustainability Option

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Business sustainability is more than a catch-phrase. It is a specialized area of management practices aimed at increasing profits while reducing waste and harmful impacts on society, the environment and the economy. The bachelor's degree in management with the business sustainability option will position you as a valuable resource within any organization looking to create long-term financial value, manage its impact on the environment and develop a culture of social responsibility.

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Added value

The business sustainability option adds value to your portfolio by providing the tools and knowledge to manage critical resources, find innovative ways to increase returns by cutting waste and design sustainable products and services that consumers demand.

What you will learn

  • Strategies that help companies increase financial profitability while reducing environmental impact
  • Novel business models that incorporate sustainable technologies into top-tier business practices
  • Ways to drive innovation while delivering products and services customers can trust
  • Actions to manage critical resources while ensuring ecological integrity and social equity

Available courses

Courses are offered at different times so contact your academic counselor or search myOKSTATE for course schedules.

MGMT 3011
Business, Government and Society

MGMT 4033
Management of Sustainable Enterprises

MGMT 3123
Managing Behavior and Organizations

MGMT 3313
Human Resource Management

MGMT 4073
Management and Ethical Leadership

MGMT 4083
Corporate and Social Responsibility

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The bachelor's degree in management with the business sustainability option feeds directly into the Master of Science in Environmental Management program. The master's program prepares individuals to successfully begin a career in environmental science upon graduation.

Get more information about degree requirements and curriculum by contacting your academic counselor or OSU-Tulsa Prospective Student Services.

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